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The Great Music Robbery Video (spanish)

Guillermo Venegas: "My wings are not only my wings but yours too because with them you will learn to fly."

Pablo Casals said of Guillermo Venegas: "I know of no composer in the history of music that without study has composed at his level." Also, piano professor Margarita Van Rhyn, when he was barely 22 years old said his art songs were at the level of Schumann and Schubert.
Source: Dr. Jose Antonio Ortiz, Marzo II, Una Voz Para Los Siglos.

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Tributo a Pablo Elvira CD
GVL Inc. is pleased to distribute this CD as a tribute to the great Metropolitan Opera baritone that was said to be "By far the greatest baritone in the world." by Placido Domingo. Included are 20 songs composed by Guillermo Venegas. Click here for more information.

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