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¡Adiós Pablito, Siempre te recordaremos! - Por Jesús Quiñones Ledesma (Spanish)

Of Pablo Elvira Santana, Pablito to those that knew him, the baritone, said Placido Domingo during an interview in a published magazine article: "By far the best baritone in the world." Pablo Elvira, born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on september 25, 1937, passed away in February 5, 2000, at his home in Bozeman, Montana. He was the son of Pablo and Florencia Elvira, both deceased.

At Bozeman, in 1978 he and  Anthony Stivanello and Verity Bostickalo created the Intermountain Opera Association, where he was artistic director and performed in baritone roles. Under his direction, the Intermountain Opera Association has been very influential in capturing world wide attention for Bozeman.

Pablo Elvira sang (and recorded) for many years with Placido Domingo, Renata Scotto, Ana Moffo, Joan Sutherland, Luciano Pavarotti, Alfredo Kraus, Justino Diaz and many other opera stars at major opera houses, including New York Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, La Scala, Bolshoi and others throughout the world. Pablo Elvira is considered one of the great opera baritones of all time. Pablo also performed in many operas and zarzuelas in his native Puerto Rico.

Before becoming an opera star, starting at New York City Opera, Pablo Elvira graduated from the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory and was a voice instructor and singer at Indiana University School of Music opera program. Pablo Elvira was personally selected by Pablo Casals to tour, record and inaugurate his peace oratorio "El Pesebre" at the United Nations. Pablo Elvira was a member of the "Three Baritones".

Pablo Elvira is survived by wife Signe Landoe and son Pablo Miguel, kin, nephews and cousins.

This simple site is a deserved tribute to Mr. Elvira and his family.

The following musical work, "Requiem Para Un Artista" (Requiem For An Artist) was composed by his dear friend, Guillermo Venegas Lloveras. It is included as an appropriate musical work to honor and remember Pablo Elvira, a great artist indeed.

Requiem Para Un Artista
(Mandy Vizoso-Conductor)

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In Puerto Rico, Elvira means music because of the many Elvira family musicians, going back to several generations. Pablo's father, also Pablo, was a violinist who had his own orchestra, an orchestra that still survives under the direction of Pablo's brother, Rafael. It was playing the trumpeet in his father's orchestra that Pablo Elvira started as a musician. Pablos's uncle, Rafael Elvira, was a pianist and conducted his own orchestra also. The orchestra in the recording of Guillermo Venegas songs, which Pablo Elvira recorded on about 1965, was uncle Rafael Elvira's orchestra.

Three songs, "La Tonadita", "Duerme Corazón" and "Luna" included here were among the 12 songs in the record album titled "Guillermo Venegas interpreted by Pablo Elvira", a recording made in about 1965 and released by the Puerto Rico Institute of Culture, The third song, "Serenata". was recorded by Pablo Elvira in 1986. The fourth, "De Pie" was recorded on about 1991, about two years before the death of the composer. Theses songs are among the 15 songs by Pablo Elvira in the forthcoming "Tributo a Pablo Elvira : Elvira - Lara - Barasorda - Vizoso y Guillermo Venegas" CD to be issued by GVL Inc.

Pablo Elvira Sings
(approx. date of recording)
La tonadita (1965)
Duerme corazón (1965)
Luna (1965)
Por que te vas (1965)
Serenata (1986)
Serenata temprana (1965)
De pie (1991)
Cisne azul (?)

Guillermo Venegas and Pablo Elvira

Pablo Casals and Pablo Elvira
"El Pesebre"




Guillermo Venegas Interpretado por Pablo Elvira (aprox. 1965)
Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña
(This recording is no longer available)

El Pesebre
Conductor: Pablo Casals
Columbia Records

Pietro Mascagni  1978
Cavalleria Rusticana
Renata Scotto
Plácido Domingo
Pablo Elvira
National Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: James Levine
Ambrosian Opera Chorus
Director: John McCarthy
RCA    1 CD TPT: 70:43
            2 CD / 101060

Manon Lescaut, taped March 1980
Conductor: James Levine
Manon Lescaut: Renata Scotto
Des Grieux: Plácido Domingo
Lescaut: Pablo Elvira
Geronte: Renato Capecchi
Paramount VHS (12554)
Pioneer Classics Laser Disc PC94-033

Lucia di Lammermoor
taped November 1982
Conductor: Richard Bonynge
Lucia: Joan Sutherland
Edgardo: Alfredo Kraus
Enrico: Pablo Elvira
Raimondo: Paul Plishka
Paramount VHS (12508)
Pioneer Classics Laser Disc PC95-088

Italo Montemessi (1875-1952)
L'amore dei tre re
Anna Moffo (Fiora)
Plácido Domingo (Avito)
Pablo Elvira (Manfredo)
Cesare Siepi (Archibaldo)
Ryland Davies (Flaminio)
London Symphony Orchestra/Nello Santi
RCA Victor Red Seal 74321-50166-2 / BMI/RCA 50166 [ADD] 2 CDs: 48:20, 49:21

Live From The MET Highlights Volume 1
Paramount VHS (02373)
Pioneer Classics Laser Disc PC94-045

Guillermo Venegas Para La Historia
Recorded in 1986
This record has 2 songs by Mr. Elvira:
Serenata, Linaje Español.
GVL-86 (LP and Cassette)
(This recording is not presently available)

The 3 Baritones at Orchestra Hall
Pablo Elvira (Baritone)
Quinto Milito (Baritone)
Dino Valle (Baritone)
Plymouth Symphony - Russell Reed
Peter Soave - bayanist
November 9, 1997, Orchestra Hall, Detroit, MI.

9-25-1937 Born in Santurce, San Juan Puerto Rico.
3-2-1974 Debut at New York City Opera. Role: Giorgio Germont (Primo baritono).
2-5-2000 Died in Bozeman, Montana. Buried in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Tributo a Pablo Elvira: Elvira - Lara - Barasorda - Vizoso y Guillermo Venegas
GVL-CD1,  Visit GVENEGAS.COM for more information.


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